BulletTown Trio

The History

     The name of our band, "BulletTown" originated from the nickname for the town of Milan, Tennessee.  During World War II, the Milan arsenal was running full capacity with 10,000 employees to provide ammo for the British and U.S. military forces.  The Milan Army Ammunition Plant continues operation today, supplying America's military.

     In the 1990's, to celebrate the arsenal's heritage, Milan residents held annual Bullet Town Celebration festivals featuring live music.  Several of the current members of BulletTown formed a band to play in the festivals, naming the group "BulletTown."  Singer and lead guitarist Allan Davis even penned an original blues shuffle song entitled "Bullet Town."


The Bullettown Band ended in 2015.  Since then three members of the Bullettown band got back together to form the Bullettown Trio.   Allan Davis who was the founding member of Bullettown plays guitar and sings lead vocals.  Barbara Davis, who was also a founding member of Bullettown now plays bass and also sings lead vocals in the Trio.  Steve Short was the keyboard player in Bullettown and now plays keyboard in the trio.  Steve also sings some songs. 

The Bullettown Trio now does an eclectic mix of songs that are geared mostly to listening music, although the Trio does play some dance tunes. 

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